Knowing Your Comfortable Betting Zone

You have probably heard people brag about how they have 'hit it big' on the casinos. Most of us find those stories as an object of envy. Of course, when we visit a casino, we aim to win, and win big, right?

Well, not always. If you think about it, you have only two ways to win big in the casino: either win the once-in-a-million grand pot at the slots, or play at the high stakes tables. Both ways involves risking a significant amount in order to gain a significant amount.

Of course, one could be so lucky to hit the pot at slots with a few tries. But how low are the chances of that happening? In both the slot machines and the tables, you have to invest if you want to win big.

So if you would really like to win big, you have to ask yourself: are you prepared to take the risk? But you may want to reconsider: maybe you should not aim to win big, but rather, enjoy.

The key to enjoying a visit to the casino is not actually winning big, but being comfortable with the games that you play. Each of us has their own comfortable betting zones.

Some would find the thrill of playing too diminished at the casino's budget tables. Even though these people do enjoy the big win, what they enjoy more is that feeling of being at the edge of being broke and being a ton richer. Some may even use money only as a way to keep score.

Some find it nerve-wracking to play at the high stakes games. Even though they have a significant amount of cash at hand, they find high stakes games too stressful. These people love to win, but are more conscious of how much they are losing. Thus, they stick to the casino's budget games.

The best betting zone is not one where you are too comfortable that you get bored. It is one where you get to the umpteenth level of excitement but experience only a little amount of stress.

You are probably somewhere between the two extremes. However, it is best that you know where your real comfortable betting zone is. To do this, start playing from the budget casino tables and slowly work your way up.

If you find yourself worrying too much about how much money you are going to lose, consider this as your threshold. Your comfortable betting zone should be somewhere before that one.

By knowing what your comfortable betting zone is, you could make the proper game plan and bring sufficient bankroll. Just remember, your aim in the casino should not be winning big, but enjoying the games. Find your comfort zone by playing at the budget tables and working your way up.


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