Blackjack: Betting and Cashing In

Blackjack is really a simple casino game. The game's simplicity adds to its appeal among players. Since all blackjack players play against the dealer, the game is relatively more relaxed than other casino card games. Beginners will often feel that blackjack is pretty simple, and they get to learn the game really quickly.

One item that isn't really discussed a lot when talking about blackjack is betting and cashing in. You'll find a lot of information in casinos on strategy and all the good stuff that happens during a game. Sometimes something as simple as how betting is done in blackjack is sometimes left to experience. We'll handle these two important blackjack money matters.

Let's start with betting in blackjack. Once you're seated at a blackjack table in a casino, you'll find a few items of interest that's related to betting right on the table. On the table's felt in front of you, you'll find either a circle or a box. These are used for betting in blackjack. That part of the blackjack table lay out is where you place your bets.

When betting, make sure that when you place your chips on the circle they're in a neat stack. This is true if you make huge bets or use those one-dollar chips. What if you're betting using multiple denominations of casino chips? You still place your chips in the circle in a neat stack.

A little reminder when betting casino chips with different denominations, remember to place the larger value chips at the bottom of the stack while the ones with the lesser values on the top. Make sure your stack doesn't topple over (this means you need to keep it neat) because once the blackjack dealer deals the cards you're no longer allowed to touch your bet in the circle.

If you need to know or just don't have an idea how much you need to bet when doubling or splitting the blackjack dealer can assist you and will count down the chips in your behalf.

When the hand is over, the blackjack dealer then pays the winners and collects the loser's chips. At this point you can remove your chips from the circle (if you won) and place your next bet.

Let's move on to cashing in. After you're done playing, we're sure you'd love cashing in your chips for real money. The blackjack dealer may want to "color up" your chips. Before you go to the cashier and start cashing in, the dealer will exchange your smaller denomination chips for ones with higher value. This helps a lot when cashing in since you don't have to carry a huge pile of chips over to the cashier.

Cashing in your chips in blackjack is pretty simple. After a hand is finished and the blackjack dealer has paid you, push your chips in front of you in between the betting boxes/circles. The dealer will then count your chips and exchange it for chips in larger denominations but of equal value. You can then take these to the cashier.

Betting and cashing in are two items every beginner in blackjack will need to know. These are basic yet necessary items even beginners fail to ask. When you're on a blackjack table, go ahead and place your bet and walk over to the cashier to cash in after.


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